The wonderful game of poker

Poker is a fascinating social and fun game! There is an aspect of gambling, but poker is also an intellectual game that one can learn and master.

The increased popularity of poker over the last years has led to televised high stakes cash games and world poker tournaments with millions in prizes. The beauty and glamour of the game attract more and more players.

However, watching poker on television may be misleading as the hands that make the cut are not representative of the game. Poker is not all about wearing dark glasses and looking fearlessly at opponents trying to pull major bluffs! It is more about having patience, observing and analyzing the situations correctly, understanding the value of your hand and how to play it optimally… Therefore, to shine in poker, you have to study the basic principles of poker.

Starting out

Learning all the necessary skills to play top-level poker may seem intimidating. Even the rules and language used may appear complicated when starting out. However, poker rules turn out to be surprisingly simple, and learning the basics of poker strategy to improve your game may be easier than you think!

We will present in this site, simple and fun, yet insightful tutorials to help you understand the principles of poker strategy. If you are new to poker, you can check out Starting poker. This is a first step and a great way to learn the essentials, including poker rules, hand rankings, and some poker jargon.

Improving your game

If you feel confident that you know the essentials, you can advance to the Basic Strategy tutorials. The information presented in these tutorials will help you understand the underlying principles of poker and gain insights so that you can drastically improve your game. You will understand concepts like outs, implied odds, and expected value. These tutorials will change the way you think about poker and help you take your game to the next level!

Putting it all into practice

Once you have mastered the concepts presented in Basic Strategy, you can try to put them into practice in one of the recommended poker sites, where you can start with small stakes or even with “play” money. Poker is a game that takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master and requires much practice. However, studying the tutorials, examples, and quizzes presented in this site will give you a great advantage on your way to mastering poker!

A word of caution

Poker can be a great game. It is fun, social, and can even become profitable if you manage to achieve a high level of understanding of the game. However, it can also be hazardous if you are not cautious, as it can lead to loss of money or addiction to gambling. The tutorials presented here are free, and there are many sites where you can play for small stakes or even for free. You can check out here some tips for gambling safely. Be sure to be cautious in the way that you approach the game so that it stays fun!

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  1. I have always been curious about how to play poker. My impression of poker was exactly how you described it. “Poker face” to more aptly describe it. And trying to read each other’s body language. You mentioned patience a few times and it got me wondering. Patience for what? I think self-control is a huge factor in success with poker as with all things.


    1. Hello Sony,

      Especially when someone is starting out, playing a tight (and aggressive) style is advised. It will help him avoid many costly errors! Tight means playing mostly premium starting hands. So, it involves folding a lot of sun-standard hands waiting for the good ones. More experienced players can loosen up and play more hands! 

      Best regards

  2. When I FIRST went into a casino intending to play poker, it was great because they actually had a desk and an attendant there to show you how to play if you didn’t already know.  Thank goodness that I came across your site as it is much clearer and teaches everything one might want to know.  You mention going to “recommended poker sites” where one can play for play money.  What would be your recommendation on sites where you can play for play money?

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