Basic Poker Strategy Quiz

Welcome to your Basic Poker Strategy Quiz. This quiz is based on the Basic Poker Strategy Course, and its purpose is to test your understanding of the basic poker principles with simple examples inspired by the tutorials of the course.

On top of each question is a link to the corresponding tutorial in case you want to review the theory before answering the question.

So, let's get started!

Starting Hands

You are on the big blind with 6♠6♥. A player raises from early position and gets called by two players, one from middle position and the button. The action is on you, what should you do?


You are in middle position and everyone before you has folded. With which of these hands (you can choose multiple answers) would you open-raise with?

Tight-Aggressive Style

You raise from middle position with A♦T♦ and get called by the small blind. The flop is Q♦8♦4♣, so you have the nut flush draw. Your opponent checks, what should you do?

Preflop Strategy

You are on the cut-off with A♠T♣. A tight-aggressive player raises from early position to 3bb. The other players before you fold, what should you do?

Playing the Flop

You raise preflop from middle position with K♦Q♠ and get called by the button and big blind. The flop is K♥Q♥3♦, so you make two-pair! What should you do?

Continuation Bet

You raise from the cut-off with T♣9♣, and get called by the big blind, a player you have no knowledge about. The flop is K♦7♥4♣, and your opponent checks. What do you do?

Counting Outs

You hold J♦T♣ and the flop is K♥Q♠5♦, so you have an open-ended straight draw. You are facing an all-in bet. What is a good approximation (using the rule of 4 and 2) of the probability of making a straight by the river?

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