Basic Poker Strategy – Course Review

The Basic Poker Strategy Course is an entry-level course that takes you into the basic concepts of poker. Upon completion, you will have learned the fundamental poker theory and understand the different factors that affect your decisions.

The principles presented in this course are general and apply to many poker variations. However, we often include some Texas Holdem examples to accompany the theory.

The course is accompanied by a Quiz that you may take upon completion, or at any time you wish to test your skills!

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

1 Texas Holdem Starting Hands

In Holdem, you make your first decision based on your hole cards. By knowing which hands you can play profitably and how you obtain a significant advantage over your opponents!

2 Position

Understanding position in poker is essential, as your position defines how much information you have before acting in each betting round!

3 Tight-Aggressive Style

Adopting a tight-aggressive style the easiest and quickest way to become a winning player.

4 Texas Holdem Preflop Strategy

By learning a solid preflop strategy, you gain a significant advantage over your opponents.

Then comes the flop, and three community cards are revealed! The flop is an essential stage of Texas Holdem. With three out of five community cards being unveiled, you suddenly get to see a big part of the final picture!

5 Post-Flop Strategy

To play the flop correctly, you need to understand how various factors affect the Post-Flop Strategy.

6 Playing the Flop

After the flop, you first evaluate how you have connected with the board. Do you have a made hand, a draw, or nothing at all? Most importantly, decide what to do with your hand.

7 Understanding Poker Betting Strategy

Understanding betting strategy will help you grasp what your bets try to accomplish so that you can size them accordingly to achieve your goal. From bluffing to value betting, knowing why and when to bet is an essential poker skill.

8 Continuation Bet

When you have shown strength preflop with a raise, you can backup your aggressive play with a continuation bet. If your opponents have missed the flop, it will be tough for them to continue! C-bet is a strong move that can be very profitable if employed correctly.

9 Counting Poker Outs

If you have a drawing hand, you need to know the likelihood that your hand will improve. The cards that will enhance your hand are called outs. In the tutorial Counting Poker Outs, you will learn to use outs to decide how you should play your hand.

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