Advanced Poker Strategy Course

The Advanced Poker Strategy Course takes you deeper into the more advanced concepts of poker.

The principles presented in this course are general and apply to many poker variations. However, we often include some Texas Holdem examples to accompany the theory.

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

1 Hand Ranges

Hand ranges is a poker concept that is unknown to many beginners. Nevertheless, by understanding hand ranges, you can drastically improve your game!

2 Expected Value

Expected value can help you estimate the average return of each action in poker. Using expected value can guide you towards making the best +EV plays!

3 Implied Odds

In poker, there are two kinds of odds, expressed and implied. When you have a drawing hand with more betting to follow, you must consider the implied odds.

4 Fold Equity

Fold equity in poker is the main reason that makes aggressive poker play so profitable. Understanding how fold equity works can drastically boost your game!

5 Limping in Poker

Aggressive poker dictates raising, not limping. However, in some situations, limping has its merits. Let’s see when and how you can use limping in poker.

6 Pot Odds

In poker, pot odds are the ratio between the size of the pot, and the cost of a call. Comparing pot odds to your winning chances guides you to the right action.

7 Pot Commitment

A player is pot committed in poker if the pot is so big pot odds oblige him to call. By understanding pot commitment issues you can use it to your benefit.

8 Three-Betting

Three-betting in poker is an aggressive play, with fold equity working for it. Nowadays, players raise preflop too widely, leaving room for profitable 3-bets!

9 The Gap Concept

The gap concept describes a basic poker principle. You need a better hand to call a raise than you would need to raise with yourself from the same position.

10 Short Stack Poker

Playing short stack poker requires some adjustments. Some hands go up in value, while others become less profitable. Learn the secrets of Short Stack Poker.

11 Deep Stack Poker

In deep stack poker, there is room for a lot of betting. Deep stack strategy requires adjusting your starting hands, valuing position, and employing pot control.

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