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Hi everyone, and welcome to my Poker Wand website! This site aims at providing you with simple and fun, yet insightful tutorials that will allow you to take your poker game to the next level! The information you will find in this site is a result of years of experience, studying dozens of poker books and analyzing hands off the table. The principles of poker that are presented in this site are a product of game experience combined with my scientific, analytical background that pushed me to explore how the game works. I will share with you advice and examples to help you create your insights and core realizations so that you can drastically improve your game!

A little story about my poker journey.

After obtaining a Ph.D. in nanoelectronics in 2006, I found myself pondering on what career path to follow. At that point, I discovered online poker. The complexity of the game, combined with the fact that if mastered, it could potentially become profitable, immediately captured my attention. I started playing and, at the same time, intensely studying the game. By applying the principles that I learned, my game improved significantly and I quickly became profitable! I managed to master various types of poker, ranging from Texas Hold’em to Omaha and from cash games to 30-tabling sit and go tournaments, and obtained major earnings.

Now I want to give back. Thus, my urge to share with you the basic poker principles in a comprehensive manner so that you can apply them and take your game to the next level!

As you read through the different tutorials, I urge you to post any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will do my best to answer them. This can help you improve faster, and help me understand how I can provide better and more helpful content!

A word of caution

Poker can be a great game. It is fun, social and can even become profitable if you manage to achieve a high level of understanding of the game. However, it can also be hazardous if you are not cautious, as it can lead to loss of money or addiction to gambling. The tutorials presented here are free, and there are many sites where you can play for small stakes or even for free. Be sure to be cautious in the way that you approach the game so that it stays fun!

So, cheers for joining in, and I wish you all the best in and out of the tables 🙂


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